(How) can art cure and what does pain have to do with it?

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I won't complain

Marita Bullmann

How to dance?

Group 5


Alexander Bönninger

How would you describe your work, so that someone can at least try to reproduce it?

Group 5

At least try

You must be alive.
Sometimes there is less energy.
The suffering appears.
But have a will.
Just Breathe.
Do not give up.
Put the world in brackets.
Close your eyes.
Look inside yourself.
Feel the rhythm of your heart.
Feel the tremor caused by the blood rushing through your veins.
Feel the electric voltage flows through your nerves.
Move your fingers. You see, it works.
You can use all of this.
Translate it into sounds, movements, shapes, theory is a secondary matter.
You can do beautiful things simply - like birds playing with their voice while standing on power lines.
Be patient, check out different variants.

Paweł Sokołowski

One Take Improvisation on a Meditation

0:00 0:00
Florian Walter

Invent your very own meditation

Group 5

Wylałam kubek wody.

Skaczę do głębokiego oceanu, a tam nic.

Bezwstydnie obserwuję.

Jestem bliżej.

Odpada tkanka.

I błysk i nic.

Tłoki w natężeniu.

Wysyłam ćwierk ku Tobie.

Katarzyna Gorczyca

Be kind to yourself.

Group 5

Kto potrzebuje?

Paweł Grala

Gdzie czujesz największy dyskomfort?

Group 5
Mariia Snisarenko
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What is it that calms the mind and brings clarity to all that chaos?

Can I leave some thoughts in the unkown?