What is memory to create your reality?

See artists from Poland and Germany perform in their very own language. Eight artists face each other and ask questions about their artistic work and answer in their own art form.

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Ivo Schneider

drink at least 22 glasses of healing water!

Group 5

Gadu Gadu Healing Water live at Reeperbahn Hamburg

Florian Walter

How uncomfortable can it get?

Group 5
Paweł Grala

Take me in your arms

Marita Bullmann

Put your feet on something soft and think of hugging people

Group 5

Man's first step on Earth

Paweł Sokołowski

Go back to nature, focus on one natural detail or being. Show it so that it becomes remembered as something important.

Group 5

Don't count on anything

Mariia Snisarenko

Don't count on anything. Just do, what you do.

Group 5


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Alexander Bönninger
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