What kind of creature will I become if I lose my ability to create, if I lose my ability to love, if I lose my heart and my soul?

See artists from Poland and Germany perform in their very own language. Eight artists face each other and ask questions about their artistic work and answer in their own art form.

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Paweł Grala

The Flowers

Katarzyna Gorczyca

Deep blue.

Group 5

Remembering long forgotten rooms

Florian Walter

Try to remember your earliest dream

Group 5
Paweł Sokołowski


Alexander Bönninger

How would it be to forget, what you just did and just do it again?

Group 5

Nasty Silence

0:00 0:00
Marita Bullmann

(Imagine) use dry peas in your shoes.

Group 5

fishing for

Dot dot dot. Too much dots in a row. Stepping forward into unknown fields of pleasure. Yellow dazzling dreams of walks through plant based environment helps angling and exploring hidden thingys in deep sea.

Ivo Schneider
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