What is the shape of your/human stupidity?

First a question appears, what follows are the most diverse reactions of eight participating artists. There are eight different channels with eight different artists paired to each other. Let yourself be infected by curiosity and scroll through the artistic contributions.

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Do I? Do really I...? so?

so... so... so... so?

Who know?

Do I? Do I? Do I? Do I?

Am I, am I really stupid so? really?!

Am I stupid so? wrr, so? so? so?! Am I stupid so? wrr, stupid so?!

Who know?

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Paweł Sokołowski

Please do something very serious. Serious enough to be stupid!

Group 5

i ?! w=d

ich de i ss nicht. Nichts ttttt.
Ich deiss nichts über dich!
So viel deiss ich, das ich nichts deiss. Æber halt.
Dàs ist doch gekláut. Ist doch geklâut oder?
Ist doch geklæut wãs ich nichts deiss und mich fråge...
Moment... Fräàáâæãåāage eeeee ich mich ? ? ?
Ich fräge mich. Julià hat sich noch mál hingelegt.
Dâs dær die Åbsprāche!
Die Äppspràche ist html.
Moment... moment. Ich deiss das html keine ápp sprâche ist
deiss ich dæs dirklich?
dãs ist dirklich?
I åm reāl
Ist däs dirklich?
So mâny questions

Ivo Schneider

Integrate something private from a person near to you!

Group 5

Intensity up

Alexander Bönninger

Sometimes it gets so stressful, that you will lose track of it all.

Group 5


Katarzyna Gorczyca

Between the systems.

Group 5

Watercolor loves a lot of water. Translated jokes are never funny.

Mariia Snisarenko

The monkey came to the restaurant.

  • Two bottles of vodka and a bowl of sour cream, please!
    The waiter brought the order and began to see what she would do with it. The monkey drank one bottle ... the second ... Then get up the bowl of sour cream and overturned it in her head.
  • Monkey! Come on?!
  • Ouch! When I'm drunk, I'm such a fool, such a fool...
Group 5

Monkey Meditation

Florian Walter

Excuse yourself for something you're really ashamed of. (Like me, I'm really sorry for messing the schedule up today!)

Group 5

Bottom Line

Marita Bullmann
👏 👏 👏

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What kind of creature will I become if I lose my ability to create, if I lose my ability to love, if I lose my heart and my soul?

What is life?